Get a FREE Xbox 360! Proven LEGIT by the news, sites, and more including magazines!

FREE Xbox 360

I bet you have seen those "Get a Free Xbox 360" ads online! In fact, everyone has, but they think it's a scam. But it isn't! I'm NOT kidding, and many people have proved this several times! Even the news on t.v., magazines, and other online sites have discussed this subject. And they said this ISN'T a scam! Keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of this and get a free 360 today!, the popular site that hosts this offer has notified us that they have Xbox 360s in their warehouse! If they run out (which they do), they'll ship you one from! As of right now, these Xbox 360s are available! You don't have to worry about getting scammed with this reliable network!

How can this company afford to send me a brand new Xbox 360 free of charge? It must be something illegal, right?

free x-box 360 premium This is the question a lot of people ask the second they hear about this! Large companies, such as Blockbuster, Video Professor,,, etc., pay this company to send new, potential customers their way. When you go there and complete an offer, which is a term for trying out a product/service, the site gets paid a large amount for doing just that. When your family/friends do this, the company gets paid enough to cover the cost of your free gift, while still making a profit! Amazing right? This is a new form of marketing called "incentive viral marketing" that is totally legit and legal. Remember, there are NO hidden costs and this is NOT a pyramid scheme, so you don't have to worry about the police knocking on your door!

Basic Rules..

All over the internet I have heard people saying, "This web site scammed me and didn't send my gift" or something along those lines. They didn't get their gift because they either broke rules, or the site is a scam. These days, more and more LEGIT web sites are popping up, so you don't have to worry about the site scamming you! What you do have to do is NOT break the rules. There are a few basic rules involving freebie sites which you must NEVER break. These include:

  • having someone sign up from the same computer, IP, or internet connection as you. This rule is broken often by people in the same dorm, libraries, school, house, or workplace
  • using a proxy
  • doing the same offer 2 or more times. Just keep this in mind: one offer should be done one time.
  • using your referrals' computer to check your status
  • letting your referral check his/her status on your computer
  • signing up to the same site 2 or more times
  • using false information

As long as you don't break any of these rules and read the TOS, you should be fine.

Still Not Convinced?

Check out these videos..

If you still have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like more proof, please don't hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment or by sending me an IM (AIM: gameo90). I will respond ASAP!

Step 1

OK, I'm ready and want to get my free Xbox 360!

Click on that link, where you'll be taken to the site's main page. Sign up using valid info (you don't want your Xbox 360 to go to someone else do you?)! Do not provide fake info because you risk not getting your FREE Xbox 360!

All of the information you are entering is COMPLETELY SAFE AND SECURE! If you haven't read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy yet, they state that they will NEVER share, rent, or sell your info to any third-parties. They WON'T spam you either. You might get some spam from the advertisers. You can prevent this if you read the advertiser's TOS carefully. If you're still hesitant, make a new email address at a free email provider, such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail. I prefer Yahoo because I like the interface. If you want Gmail or Hotmail, be sure to ask me for an invite.

Again, contact me either through AIM or the comment section if you need any help or have questions. If you have a personal question, be sure to leave an email address. On to Step 2..

Step 2

Complete one free or low-cost offer

Almost everyone is afraid of this step. DO NOT BE! If you haven't already, read the "How It Works" section near the top of the page and come back here.

If you're not at the site, log in and press the "Offers" tab/button near the top of the page. That link should take you to a page full of offers that are free or cost $10 max. This is not a lot of money! Tell me, would you rather spend $400 on a Xbox 360 or less than $10? If you're like me, you'd rather spend less than $10! Press on any offer that interests you and complete it using valid info. Remember to read the Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy Policy. You need to do one 1-credit offer, or two half-credit offers in order to get full credit.

There are some offers that I recommend and think are easy to do: - FREE and is a 7-day trial - $1 for a 7-day trial
Video Professor - the offer that I recommend the most because of its fast crediting time (instant)! It costs $6.95
Real Arcade Game Pass - FREE!
Blockbuster - I believe its $9.95 for the first month. A great offer from a great company! - NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! Instant credit!

That should give you the basic idea of the cost. There are a bunch more, but they would take up too much room :)! It's best to just go there and do some offers you like!

Before you do the offer, you need to take some precautions:

  1. Only use the Internet Explorer browser for offers because other browsers don't track properly
  2. Change your settings temporarily so it "Accepts All Cookies." You can do this by going to Tools, then clicking on Privacy, and sliding the slider to Accept All Cookies. Do not be scared to do this because cookies are used just to track that you did the offer correctly and for you to get credit. You can change the setting back AFTER you have completed the offer.
  3. Temporarily disable any popup blockers or cookie blockers you may have on. Again, you can enable them AFTER you have completed the offer.
  4. Keep the confirmation email, or screenshot proving that you did the offer in case the offer does not credit. You'll need these if you submit a no-credit report, so keep these in a safe place.

Not doing any of these steps puts you at risk to not getting credit and having to do another offer. So, do these steps!

Step 3

Tell your friends and family! Refer them to do the same thing as you!

You're two-thirds of the way there! Since you've completed your offer (its best to do this first) and met your offer requirements, all you have to do is refer your friends and family to do the same thing! Refer as many people as you need in order to get your Xbox 360. Get them to sign up using your link, which is the referral link you see on the status page when you log in.

There are many methods to get referrals. They are both simple and complicated:

  • Ask your friends and family! This is the easiest way and most reassuring way to know you'll get your free, new Xbox 360!
  • Make a blog like this one, but don't copy mine, to post your referral link!
  • Already have a web site? Post your link there!
  • Put your referral link in your signature on forums
  • Put your referral link in your email signature
  • Bribe people to do it! Pay them, or buy them a nice dinner as a way of saying Thank You

If someone you refer is skeptical about this, make sure you send them to this site because it has a lot of information about how freebie sites work.

Anyway, There are many ways to get referrals, but make sure you don't spam to get them. People do have an option to report spam, so if you spam, be prepared to get banned! These sites take spam very seriously and won't lose any sleep over putting you on hold (aka banning you)!

Amaze your friends when you show them your free Xbox 360 because there is a huge chance they'll want to do it too. This is the perfect chance for you to get some referrals for another gift..

free x box 360

OH MY GOD! My free Xbox 360 is here!

Now that you've gotten enough referrals and have completed all of your requirements, submit your account for approval, which is a way the site checks for fraud and such. If you and your referrals didn't break any rules, you should get through approval. Once you're approved, they'll place your order! Your FREE Xbox 360 will be sent to your door and you don't even pay a cent for shipping/handling! Expect to see a brand new Xbox 360 sitting in front of your door very soon!

Step 4 is the most important step of all - ENJOY YOUR FREE XBOX 360!

If you don't want to keep your Xbox 360, sell it for HUGE profits (After all, you spent less than $10 for it)! Use the money to buy something you want!

If you still have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment here or IM me on AIM: gameo90. If you have a personal question, and would like a personal response, be sure to leave an email. Remember, contact me for anything at all because I am here to make sure you get your free Xbox 360 ASAP and I will do just that!



Below are pictures of people who have received their Xbox 360s for free! When you get yours, please leave a comment with a link to your picture or your can just IM (AIM: gameo90) me! Of course, the proof gallery may seem small but there are too many to list right now. More will be added in the future..


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